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Steve Gibala
Clarinet, Sax & Vocals

Steve joined the Versa J's in 2007 playing clarinet next to his Father. He has been around polka music his whole life and has been listening to his father bitch and whine about playing music for twenty some years now. On stage, Steve stands between his father Frank and his "Uncle" Henny. Now it may seem Steve is really enjoying himself due to his radiant smile and overall show of delightfully pleasant characteristics, but look closely. He is trapped between two of the oldest musicians in polka music and is constantly hearing complaints like my back hurts, my legs are sore, hair loss, impotence, fingers don't work anymore, Greg forgot to tighten a bolt, Sandy forgot my pills, we should be golfing, something doesn't sound right, my water pill just kicked in, it's too hot in here, is this set almost over, get your beer out of the way, open my bottle, Marion Lush is dead, why did Chris pick this song, it's too cold in here, Butchie's playing too fast, etc etc….



E-mail Steve at: steve@versaj.com

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