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Erik Bogden
Bass, Concertina, Vocals

Erik Bogdon is the newest member of the Versa J's and plays both the Bass and the Concertina. Erik also sings a lot of different songs with the band. After a distinguished career performing with the circus playing the cymbals, Erik decided to tackle the polka industry. It was here he got his first big shot with the accordion and the concertina with a variety of different bands. He is most famously known for singing the Angie's polka with Toledo Polkamotion. Erik's hobbies include taking care of his pet snake, hunting, camping and driving around in multi-colored vehicles without registration stickers. When Erik is on stage, make sure you offer to buy him a drink with a pink umbrella and he will definitely appreciate it. When Erik is not playing polkas or dyeing his hair, Erik will be spending time with his wife Leslie and his two kids Grace and Ryan.



E-mail Erik at: erik@versaj.com

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